Thursday, March 25, 2010

Birthday time again...

So world here's a recap of my life since the beginning of March. Let's start out by a little history lesson, I always loved my birthday, my family always threw me a party in this little house in hamilton. We had so many people come and just have fun. I loved my birthday until the year 1999. On March 19th. 1999 my Grandma Gregory past away. 1 week from my birthday. She was very old and sick so I knew it was coming but it still hurt, my birthday that year wasn't so happy though. The next year roles around and well at the beginning of March my grandma Cornett had a brain aneurysm burst. She shortly then fell into a coma. Well March 19th. rolled around and I
was sitting there in the hospital next to my grandma. I had been there all day and my Uncle
Greg needed a smoke so he left for like 15 mins. So i got up too and went to sit in the room
next door which had a TV. I watched 1 commercial and then Ernie (guy from church) walked
into the room and said, "well she's gone". I jumped up and ran to find my mom crying over top
of my grandma. She passed away exactly 1 year and 12 hours from my grandma gregory.
That birthday was not a very good one either that year. My grandpa would grow very sad and I
have, even to this day, hated myself for getting up and leaving my grandma, my uncle is the same
way also. So all in all I hate March. I have had other deaths happen in March and other bad events
It wasn't until my 18th. birthday that I actually enjoyed my birthday again. My gf at the time decided
she wanted me to have a birthday to remember. She had one of my favorite bands, local band,
come and play for me and had my friends there and all. It was and forever will be the greatest birthday
i've ever had. However a week later her grandpa died, he became like the pappaw i never had since
one of my grandpas died in the 60's. Then a few days later, April 4th. I broke up with her and lost the
love of my life. Sooooooo i hate March. and well april too. These past few weeks here in florida have
been hard too, 50+ hours a week plus no money, heart ache, and pure exhaustion have been killin
me. I miss my little sister and brother plus all of my friends. Alot is on my mind but on a good note I
do like someone down here and well i think she may like me too, even if she is just a flirt and doesnt
really like me, its nice to have someone to think about instead of all my problems so im cool with it.
Well world i got to get back to cleaning, thanks for listening as always.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Time for a change

I've been living here in Orlando Florida now for a little over a month. Disney is an amazing company, Florida is beautiful, and the people are great. Yet I still don't feel happy. It's something I've been battling with since I was young. It has rooted into every aspect of my life including the everyday stress factors we all deal with. Every little incident that occurs is over blown due to my issue dealing with my weight. I have put up with the name calling, the glares, and even the rejection from jobs, rides and dates. Being down here in Florida has been hard, the swimming pools and hot bodies all around have made my confidence stop at a stand still. I have tried several different times with several different diets and plans with several different peoples help. I lose weight for a little while but then something comes along and just halts me from continuing. Recently I have discovered how much I love aromatherapy and holistic healing. So much that I have began looking into majors I can take when I return home. These oils also promote healthier living, which led me to start taking vitamins (which I should have been doing along time ago) but I have been battling the college diet now. With a low income I am forced to buy less healthy food because it is cheaper. But that has to stop. I will start to eat better and well the biggest issue is exercise. I need to start but i'm not sure if I can, I get so shy when I exercise around people I don't know. So this puts me in the mood of thinking about other people, people worse off then me, what they are going through. I see all these famous people that drop pounds like it's nothing. So i realized a few common things between them, one is obviously they can afford to eat better, buy a personal trainer and things revolving around money. This route I can not begin to help with so I threw that one out, BUT I found the other common route they take is programs. Be it from a weight lose program to a TV show. I began to think "well hey, i work for Disney, they always want to help people and create magical moments for guests." Even though I am an employer doesn't mean I can't have my magical moment achieved. I want to start a program offered for the staff of Disney. Like a Biggest Loser but for employees, Full time vs Part Time vs CP's (college program). The winning team of this competition could win a prestigious prize from the company. I think this would go along with the SAFE D and Health factor the company basis its' self on. I would love if this could come true. In the mean time I will be trying to lose my weight to feel better about myself. Wish me luck world. Goodnight.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Disney So Far

So world, it's been a few weeks now that I have worked for Disney, I love the company. I mean yeah it is hardish work, but you dont even think your working half the time due to the happiness you give to people. The smiles all the children give you just for handing them a sticker and the thank you's and hand shakes from the parents because you helped them or treated their child like a respected part of the family. I think that my mind has made up the decision that I will put in a request to stay longer. I hope I can. Well world off to get ready to make some magic for families. Hope to talk to you soon. goodnight world.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome to Disney

Good evening world, just a little update. I arrived in Orlando Jan. 25th and started the disney program on the 27th. I am a merchantainer at The Magical Kingdom Tomorrowland. I have a 3 bedroom apartment and live with 5 other guys. Florida is absolutely amazing and It may make my mind decide to stay here. I love putting smiles on families faces everyday, I love getting thank yous and handshakes over just passing out stickers or saying hello princess to a little girl dressed up. This company is absolutely amazing and I feel that I'm part of something that truly changes lives every day. I have signed up for VoluntEARS which is Disneys volunteer service and i hope to give back even more to those who need it. I am changing myself back to who i really am at heart, to who im suppose to be, not who i have become. I hope Disney saves me and so far it has. I have witnessed once in a lifetime things such as the last night launch of a space shuttle at Cape Canaveral, backstage of Disney World, Secrets that barely anyone knows. I am finally becoming independent and in a sense a mature adult. Well world i am due to head into work soon so I will try to write more often, thank you for reading.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 5...Farewell Ohio

Well time has come world. This is my last night in Ohio. I will be moving to Florida in the morning. Such sweet sorrow...haha no. I am glad to be leaving Ohio, but sadly after so long I have recently made a friendship that has re-opened my heart. When I leave truly My heart will remain in Ohio (yeah Hawthorne Heights, don't judge me). To be honest i'm scarred stupid right now but I need to take that leap so in the morning I will do so. Wish me luck world. Good night and tender thoughts to you in your sleep.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Days 3 and 4

Good evening world, sorry I lost track of time and didn't have my post yesterday. but I've been stressed packing and everything. I move Sunday so in a sense tomorrow even though I count it still as friday. I finally am able to have enough money for the trip down to florida, sadly though I got a speeding ticket for $125 bucks, which screwed me. However my best friend is lending me the money which means the world to me. So tomorrow may be the last post i make in a few days due to travel time and then how busy i'll be the first few days. I'ma make this post kinda short because I dont have much on my mind other then how much I really think I like this girl. Sadly she doesnt like me though, just friends...psh story of my freakin life. but I respect her. Idk I just need to get rest and prepare myself so that is what I will be doing now. Oh yeah btw Halloween II sucked something terrible, decent movie but bad halloween movie. Depressing in a sense. Anyways, Goodnight World.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 2

Good evening world, my numbering blogs is a little off since it's 3 in the morning but its still night to me. So today I finally came to a stepping stone in my life. So here's the story in FWD. I fell in love with my high school sweetheart back in 2006, we dated on and off causing me endless heartache. I have been single for 2 years now and have tried to move on many times. The little things get to me though, a song, a certain area like a street or restaurant, etc. Well one thing that I thought i would alway tie to her was the word "amazing" because our song was "Amazed" by LONESTAR. Today however I was thinking about the girl i like, she makes me happy and all and she knows how I feel. However with me moving and such she said she didnt want to ruin our friendship...I honestly dont know if she likes me like that and me moving is the only thing or not, but I couldnt help today but continue to think of her, her eyes, her smile her goofy little dance she does. Then it hit me...she amazed me. She has in a sense saved me from the heartache, I no longer "need" someone else to be happy, just prefer it. I sent her a text saying that she amazes me and she said "aw". To anyone else that word is just a word but to me it was a huge step in life to be able to get over my ex. Plus one day i wish she would understand that she really is an amazing girl. anyways sorry about the girl chat, just was on my mind. So this week I have to take my finals early...heres my major problem. I leave Sunday and I just got through Tuesday. (code names are about to come up) Class A I have an essay, 2 take home tests and a listening quiz i need to take. Since this was my last class earlier, the listening quiz is 0 and I have until Sat. to turn in the rest to her mailbox. Class B is online and yet the stupid test wont allow me to finish it after it kicked me off, my prof. will not return my emails. Plus I have a power point and an essay due on an opinionated subjective class. Class C...easy got it passed already. Class D failing miserably. I need 2 more hours of a log in sheet to complete the class, this seems easy yet 2 hour of this lab equal only 1 hour on the sheet. Then i have to skip out on 2 weeks on HW and just worry about my final which I know barely anything about. Then Class E...already failed it. SO if my GPA becomes lower then a 2.0 I will not be able to move and start my new life. World may I ask you a question? why are you so cruel? I mean i think i deserve a little bit of good luck every now and then...well its time. Hopefully all goes well the rest of the week. Anyways...I wanted to type a blog everyday but Im not sure If i will be able to with me moving and all, I will try my hardest though. World Im sorry my life is boring. So im going to bed, so should you. Good Night world, let peace be with you in your dreams of a cooler, war free surface. (Good Luck with that)