Thursday, March 25, 2010

Birthday time again...

So world here's a recap of my life since the beginning of March. Let's start out by a little history lesson, I always loved my birthday, my family always threw me a party in this little house in hamilton. We had so many people come and just have fun. I loved my birthday until the year 1999. On March 19th. 1999 my Grandma Gregory past away. 1 week from my birthday. She was very old and sick so I knew it was coming but it still hurt, my birthday that year wasn't so happy though. The next year roles around and well at the beginning of March my grandma Cornett had a brain aneurysm burst. She shortly then fell into a coma. Well March 19th. rolled around and I
was sitting there in the hospital next to my grandma. I had been there all day and my Uncle
Greg needed a smoke so he left for like 15 mins. So i got up too and went to sit in the room
next door which had a TV. I watched 1 commercial and then Ernie (guy from church) walked
into the room and said, "well she's gone". I jumped up and ran to find my mom crying over top
of my grandma. She passed away exactly 1 year and 12 hours from my grandma gregory.
That birthday was not a very good one either that year. My grandpa would grow very sad and I
have, even to this day, hated myself for getting up and leaving my grandma, my uncle is the same
way also. So all in all I hate March. I have had other deaths happen in March and other bad events
It wasn't until my 18th. birthday that I actually enjoyed my birthday again. My gf at the time decided
she wanted me to have a birthday to remember. She had one of my favorite bands, local band,
come and play for me and had my friends there and all. It was and forever will be the greatest birthday
i've ever had. However a week later her grandpa died, he became like the pappaw i never had since
one of my grandpas died in the 60's. Then a few days later, April 4th. I broke up with her and lost the
love of my life. Sooooooo i hate March. and well april too. These past few weeks here in florida have
been hard too, 50+ hours a week plus no money, heart ache, and pure exhaustion have been killin
me. I miss my little sister and brother plus all of my friends. Alot is on my mind but on a good note I
do like someone down here and well i think she may like me too, even if she is just a flirt and doesnt
really like me, its nice to have someone to think about instead of all my problems so im cool with it.
Well world i got to get back to cleaning, thanks for listening as always.

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